Research taken up by SCAI will offer its members access to a rich body of data and analyses on industry issues.

SCAI will regularly organise professional development programs. These will include series of workshops designed to inform members on industry best practices in feasibility, leasing, management, zoning, architecture, tenant management, footfall analysis, and more conducted by SCAI and its partners.

SCAI conferences and seminars will bring together the decision makers on the leading companies in Mall Development, Retailers, IPCs, shopping centre designer and property brokers. These events will facilitate business development, leasing, outsourcing and create an environment to share knowledge and best industry practices.

The bi-monthly magazine Shopping Centre News & the monthly enewsletter MALL TALK carry comprehensive data on the Shopping Centre industry with in-depth articles from leading shopping centre professionals from across the globe. This magazine & the-e-newsletter will be made available complimentary to all SCAI members.

SCAI will enable members to meet with policy makers and government bodies to take forward industry, regulation and infrastructural issues to concerned parties for attention from the highest levels, as and when such critical issues are highlighted by SCAI members.
On the Web, will offer all members access to extensive research data on the shopping centre industry and allow them to interact with other members and exchange ideas through chat rooms on Industry issues.
In addition, the website will carry continuous updates and information on events worldwide connected to the shopping centre industry.