Founder Shopping Centre Owners, SC Developers , SC Managers , Pension & Sovereign Wealth Funds , Real Estate Private Equity Funds , Infrastructure Development Companies , Insurance Companies, Institutional Investors
Corporate Shopping Centre Owners, SC Developers , SC Managers, Financial Institutions – Banks , Pension & Sovereign Wealth Funds , Real Estate Private Equity Funds , Real Estate Developers , Infrastructure Development Companies , Insurance Companies , Stock Exchanges , Institutional Investors , Property Consultants, Shopping Centre Development & Management Consultants

A. Retailers and Brands, FMCG, Brown & White Goods companies

B. Refrigeration consultants, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Quantity Surveyors, Valuers, Chartered Engineers, Members of RICS, Designers , Architects , Planners , Vendors , Marketing consultants , HR Consultants , Recruitment Companies , IT & Facility Management Companies, Land Owners, domestic property brokers, and such others who enable/facilitate & benefit from the development and functioning of Shopping Centres

Additional From Founder Member (Maximum 4 per organization)
From Corporate Member (Maximum 2 per organization)
From Associate member (Maximum 1 per organization)
Affiliate Employees of Founder, Corporate, & Associate Members
Academic Education & Research Institutions
Teachers & Professors of Educational Institution Members
General Education & Research Institutions
Shopping Centre Co-operative Societies, Individuals, Regional/Local Property Consultants, Regional/Local Architects